Duette® blinds provide a stylish appeal that suits all homes and every room from bathrooms to kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Duette® blinds are made up of continuous links of thermal honeycomb fabric cells.  These bonded fabric cells make up a highly thermal dual reactive screen.  The design helps reduce heat gain through summer months maintaining a cooler environment throughout, then in the colder seasons produces an insulated barrier. The technology allows the fabric to secure 42% of escaping heat, which allows a reduction of up to 25% of energy costs. The fabric also comes in many different forms including Blackout, Acoustic, Solid and Glare-Free.

  • A close up of the thermal honeycomb fabric cells that make up Duette Blinds. Available at Blind Revolution.
  • Deep blue Duette Blinds in a white bedroom create a stark yet stylish contrast. Find out more at Blind Revolution.
  • With Duette Blinds like these ones in a conservatory, you can save money on your energy bills. Buy thermal Duette Blinds at Blind Revolution.
  • Duette Blinds comes in a variety of different colours to suit your interiors. Find out more at Blind Revolution.
  • Windows & doors contribute up to 30% of a property's thermal loss. With Duette Blinds, like these green ones in a glass conservatory, you can save energy.
  • Make your home more energy efficient with Duette Blinds from Blind Revolution.

Did you know doors & windows contribute to approximately 30% of a home’s total thermal loss? When heated air inside the room comes in contact with your windows, it cools rapidly.  The honeycomb shape in the Duette® blind traps air and create a barrier between the cold surface of the window and the room, which allows the heat to bounce back into the room.

Duette® blinds are the result of more than 30 years of development, bringing you the perfect blend of style and energy efficiency throughout your home.

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